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i-Care Project is a Child Sponsorship Plan and a new way of adopting a child. It is so very easy that you only have to commit to a promised money value that you would pay to take care of a child. For e.g. You can donate RM 300 for every six months once or RM 600 for Yearly once.

We will take care of the child in your behalf. You will be updated with the progress and growth of the child you sponsor.

We care about their Education, Health Care, Food, and Shelter.



A tutorial class that altered specifically for underprivileged children who do not have privileged to enroll for private tuition class.

Hope Tutorial is an initiative to help the underprivileged children to catch up their academic, clarify things and get further help outside the classroom.  This Hope Tutorial was started since April 2018 with free tuition fees.

Since then, we have cater 25 underprivileged children that studies in standard 4, 5, and 6 from three (3) different primary school around Teluk Intan. Hope Tutorial are conduct from Monday to Thursday. This classes will cover four (4) subjects which are English, Mathematics, Science and Bahasa Malaysia.

 A Home for the underprivileged children and a community development centre for the below income families.

410,000 orphans in Malaysia, ranging from infants to teenagers, they have lost one or both parent. There are a lot more numbers of children in hardcore poverty families that need care and help to get daily basic needs.

A Gift That Lasts!

Let’s put your hand together. Every donations for Dream Home will give shelter to 80 underprivileged children and give them a real home environment with the proper education facilities.

Dream Home also work as a development centre for the community that come from below average income to learn new skills and knowledge that will be useful to developing their families economy.


We caters children who are abandoned, neglected, abused, orphaned, or who come from a poverty family. We have 35 children and their age range is between 3 to 18 years old.

Since 2008 we have served 331 children to support and shape their future by giving them education.

Your help covers the expense of their Uniform, Stationary, Books and e-learning.

100% of donations go towards educating children.


To transport 36 underprivileged children; for school, medical check-up, and other activities.

Our Children main transport, a 1996 van has broken down and need major repair for engine parts and also body part. It is now very costly to repair and dangerous for children safety.

All this years, the van has driven 346,972 KM miles, with at least 7-10 trips per day to shuttle children for school, co-curriculum activities, medical check-up and other activities.

The van is our main need in daily basis. The van shuttling 36 children to nine (9) different school across Teluk Intan town. Some of the children are in morning session and the others are attending afternoon school session.

Let’s make this need become reality for these 36 underprivileged children in 2019.

Benefited Children

Nursing Graduate

In 2016 Manisha graduated from Adventist college of Nursing and Health Science.

Pursuing Diploma

Ranjini is pursuing diploma in Accountancy at politekinik Ungku Omar.

Diploma in DP

Chow Jun Jie is pursuing his diploma in Desktop Publishing study at Vocational college, Shah Alam.

Beauty Care Technician

Naramatha is being trained a beauty care technician at Vocational Training Opportunity Centre.


Address:   No. 202, Lorong 7, Taman Impiana 2, Jalan Merbuk, 36000 Teluk Intan, Perak, Malaysia.

Phone:   +60 5-622 6961

Email:    admin@hopemissionwelfaresociety.com